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    Question on Permutation and Combination

    Dear all, Need your kind help in solving this question below. Your help is very much appreciated. Four friends attend different schools, and each brings two classmates to a quiz evening. The quiz is for teams of 6, so the group make up two teams. i) How many different pairs of teams are...
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    Does it means the same?

    Does "the term independent of x" has the same meaning as "x term is independent"? x is a variable in a binomial expansion. It is well understood that "the term independent of x" refers to the constant of a binomial expansion. But does "x term is independent" refer to the constant too or does...
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    Singapore Maths Textbook for Secondary 1 to 4

    Hello everyone, I am trying to understand more about Singapore Maths for secondary. Is there anyone here that has the textbooks for this syllabus? Your sharing is highly appreciated. Thank you,
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    PDF Copy of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709)

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a PDF version of the following books: 1. Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 1 Coursebook ISBN: 9781108407144 2. Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 Coursebook ISBN:9781108407199 3. Cambridge...