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    Hi everyone, I have a question. When do you usually receive the "Statement of Entry" after the results day on August 11? Thank you.
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    CIE direct

    Hi everyone, Can I get the exact marks that I scored in a particular subject from CIE direct or any other source? Thanks.
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    Results of the January 2015 session

    Hi everyone, When will the edexcel release the A and AS levels results? And at what time? Thank you.
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    A levels

    I have one question I'm doing the A levels Chemistry that involves Alternative to Practicals Papers. What is the course exact name? Please tell me the name of the correct course here...
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    January 2015 and June 2015 Timetable

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to take A levels Chemistry is January and June. But at the same time, I'm taking Physics, Biology and Mathematics CIE A levels. So, did edexcel release the time table for those two sessions? I have no issue with Paper 1, but I'm worried about Unit 2 and the Alternative...
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    CIE or Edexcel

    Hi everyone, I finished my AS levels CIE in May/June 2014. But I have been wondering, which is more recognized CIE or Edexcel? Many people claim that more universities accept Edexcel certificates compared to CIE, is that true? Please tell me more about CIE and Edexcel and about each recognition.
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    AS levels Edexcel

    Hi everyone, I'm a CIE student, but I want to know more about A levels Edexcel. Do you have a syllabus for Chemistry like CIE? How many papers are there for Chemistry AS levels and when are the examinations conducted? Thank you.
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    Mathematics A levels Textbook

    Hi, I'm trying to find Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 by Sophie Goldie. Does anyone have it? Thank you.
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    My result

    I got my AS levels results for three subjects: Biology - c(c) Mathematics - a(a) Physics - a(a) I know my results are really bad, but can I still score A* or A in A levels in Biology especially?
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    A levels Text books

    Does anyone have a link or pdf file for 1-Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Revision Guide (Cambridge International Examinations) by Robert Hutchings Please help me XP
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    Physics Paper 31 2014

    Hello everyone, I just remembered something and it is very terrible. For the question 2 the oscillation one, I took the time for three readings and divided by the 3. I did this for the first part, but I forgot to do that for the second part. I found the frequency and k using that value. Do I...
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    Physics paper 31

    So, how was the paper? Did you get a graph with positive or negative gradient?
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    Physics Practicals (Justification)

    Hello everyone, I'm a new student for As level and I'm currently 3 subjects only (Biology, Physics and Mathematics). I noticed that in paper 3 physics there is usually a question repeated in almost all of the practical papers. "Justify the number of significant figures that you have given for...
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    Hello guys, I was checking the threshold for the past years and I noticed that an A* can be scored even if you lost 50 marks. I was checking the Physics threshold of May/June 2012 and noticed that the mark needed to score A* is 142/200, which really shocked me. Is it possible or my...