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    CAIE May/June 2018 IGCSE Question Papers, Mark Scheme and Grade Thresholds are available!

    Hi everyone! The question papers, mark scheme and grade thresholds of June 2018 session are available for most of the subjects click on the subjects to get the resources. First Language English (Oral Endorsement) 0500 Second Language English (Speaking Endorsement) 0510 Geography 0460...
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    May/ June 2018 O, AS & A Level Question Papers,Mark Scheme,Grade Thresholds are now available!

    Hi everyone! This is to inform you all that CAIE May/June 2018 question papers, mark scheme, and grade thresholds are now available! For now O Levels are uploaded. In a while IGCSE, AS and A Level shall be uploaded as well! O Level Business Studies Chemistry Principles of Accounts Pakistan...
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    E-Books are available for IGCSE and A Level

    Hi everyone! E-books are available for IGCSE, AS & A Level Click here
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    business studies notes

    business studies notes by Sir Abdul Qadir Silat are here those who are willing to purchase the notes PM me. Price RS. 1200/- Soft copy Rs. 600/-
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    Statistical Inference

    Please answer the following questions. From q.41 onwards