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    Physics P42 Discussion

    Guyz lets discuss the paper as 24 hours have passed :)
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    Further Maths

    Guyz I have consistently scored good in further maths since As level, but i dont know why i have not been able to cope well with it this time. The only reason i can think of is my shift of focus to university applications. Cie registrations are also near my teacher thinks i need to make a...
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    Do private students get break ups of their subjects in Pakistan??
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    Statement of entry

    Has any private std recieved his statement of entry yet in Pakistan?
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    Rate my gp essay!

    Discuss the significance of tourism in your country. I live in a country, where mass killing is a normal thing. Every other day some random call for strikes and most of the cities are shut down. Karachi suffer millions of loses because of these strikes. Children cannot go to school because of...
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    IS tomorrow the day for DISTINCTIONS?

    We all know its the end of janauary and todays 30th so will tomorrow be the day for distinction holders????? :rolleyes:
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    What does this mean?

    I have not submitted a GCE exam entry at any other centre/school except for the above GCE exam entry through the British Council.
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    Private registration

    IS a student only allowed to register once for a session i mean to say can a student give some papers through scl and other privately
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    I'm in deep trouble

    I want to register myself privately this may/june but a private candidate is required to attach his Passport or CNIC. I dont have both as i haven't turned to 18 and unfortunately my passport has expired ( they require a valid one), I can't get a new one in such less time, can some body help wat...
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    Distinctions 2013

    are the distinctions for 2013 announced yet?
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    General Paper Essay techniques!

    Guyz I want you to share some of the most effective and productive essay techniques in Gp! Techniques which can change a C into A!!!!!!!! Be Modest! thank u!
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    Actuarial Sciences!

    I am doing Alevels and have the following subjects: Further maths Economics Accl. Maths Physics if I want to do actuarial science from Uk or australia on scholarship what things should i need to do, in order to have higher chances of getting scholarship? I want a clear road map ! My olevel...
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    Importance of GP

    I have heard that, gp's grade isn't considered when u r applying in any abroad university and isn't given any credit, is it true guyz?
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    Rate my Gp essay!!

    Question: Consider the view that the computer has failed to meet our educational needs in school. Computer, not a new thing for common peoples in most of the developing countries, is still hefty enough to make an impact in this vast technological advanced aura. It is considered that this...
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    As and Alevels

    I want to know that can any one register from two different centres for As and alevels or we have to register from the same in each session?????
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    Physics As

    can i complete phy As in 5 months, got A* in olevels and i have done all mechanic stuff in maths?
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    Physics Alevels Teacher

    I need a phy tutor, it would be better if he teaches in juhar! can u guz help................
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    Phy As levels

    is it worthfull to give only phy As...
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    Lyceum vrs Southshore!!!!!!!!

    which one is better???/
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    MArk schemes ? of may/june 2012?????

    plz upload mark schemes soon ;)