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  1. Kimo Force

    Which Online games would you say are the most epic games ever..??

    I would say Borderlands. Its coop multiplayer has a great feel to it and also grants additional content if you do happen to play campaign online.
  2. Kimo Force


    NO MORE CAMBRIDGE TESTS FOR ME!!! Sorry I didn't log on here much by the way. Anyways, how much left is there for everybody else? ~ Kimo Force
  3. Kimo Force

    This is so lonely

    Because this website is for nerds only! :P Just kidding. Anyways, people mainly come on XtremePapers to study and find tests. That's why I came here. ~ Kimo Force
  4. Kimo Force

    I've got a Problem!

    Cool :D Any idea where I can find them, sir? ._. ~ Kimo Force
  5. Kimo Force

    T-20 Cricket World cup

    All what I need to be satisfied is Egypt winning the African Cup :P Three times in a row, baby! :D ~ Kimo Force
  6. Kimo Force

    I've got a Problem!

    My exams are starting soon, so I'll have problems logging in. Sorry for such an inconvenience. By the way, are there audio files for the English as a Second Language [510] Listening tests for Paper 3? EDIT: Ok, that Bot is creepy! It's always posting advertisements from Google after the first...
  7. Kimo Force

    What makes you boogie?

    All study, no play can really be annoying, and trust me; I've tried it loads of times before. This topic is only to keep members in the mood. So here's a topic I'm sure everybody likes! :D What kind of music/bands do you listen to? I listen to four Power Metal Bands and one Hard Rock Band Power...
  8. Kimo Force


    Maybe... My teachers told me that tests were held at different times in different countries, so the test papers were leaked and people would cheat. Now, Cambridge wants all countries to take their tests at the same time, so this does not happen again. I mean, we come to school at 3:00 PM to...
  9. Kimo Force


    I don't know! \_(o.O)_/ I'm fine if you ask me :D Well I'm Kimo Force, The Force of XPF (Lol :P), and the Egyptian Dragon Nerd :D If you need any help, just ask away. I may be an IGCSE STudent, but I'll try to help as much as I can :D ~ Kmo Force
  10. Kimo Force


    Help has arrived! Try going to the User control Panel. I'm not sure if you can change your name. You can send a private message by going to a user's profile and clicking on "send a private message" ~ Kimo Force
  11. Kimo Force


    Lol? New York? I never expected Cambridge to put up their education system in America at all :P Well, I'm Kimo, the one and only member of XtremePapers from Egypt :P If you need any help at all, just send me a private message. ~ KImo Force
  12. Kimo Force

    Tips for Physics, Chemistry, Maths and a studying schedule!

    Re: Tips for Physics, Chemistry, Maths and a studying schedu I entered my last Chemistry P2 test without studying, but all I did was just solve past papers and that. You just gotta believe in yourself, and you'll make it Insha2 Allah ;) ~ Kimo Force
  13. Kimo Force

    English Oral IGCSE

    No Problem! Love to help you guys out, always :D (el3foow ya z2eem ;)) ~ Kimo Force
  14. Kimo Force

    Improving Chat

    Chatango's great, but you need a really powerful internet equipped with Flash Player for your browser, otherwise it won't work. Many members will have troubles using it, since many still use the dial-up connection. Hamachi's great as well, and you don't need Flash Player to get it working. Have...
  15. Kimo Force

    Can anyone tell me where I can find past papers 00 & 02

    Help has arrived! I've got this big book with Chemistry IGCSE Paper 1 Exam Papers from June 1990 till June 2007. I also have books with the exams from June 2000 till the very end for Chemistry, Biology (I'm missing the 2000 and 2001 exams for Paper 2 only. Sorry, mate) and Physics. if you're...
  16. Kimo Force

    Hi Hi

    'ello mate! 'Ey mate. Kimo Force from Downunda Australia! Haha, just messing with ya. I'm actually from Egypt. Hope tah see ya soon. ~ Kimo Force
  17. Kimo Force

    Can anyone tell me where I can find past papers 00 & 02

    Help has arrived! Type in in the address bar of your internet browser. It should take you automatically to the website's database. ~ Kimo Force
  18. Kimo Force

    English Oral IGCSE

    Help has arrived! Actually, I've taken two oral tests for practice and I've seen many other different tests. First of all, your teacher will give you a card about the topic and will give you a certain time for you to think of what you're going to say. The teacher will ask you questions from the...
  19. Kimo Force

    I need to make sure that my answer was correct

    During today's Maths test, I encountered a problem that I never faced before. Simplify √16c(power 6) I never actually encountered that question and my teacher never taught us anything about those kind of questions. My answer to the question was: √16c(power 6) = 4c³ All my friends say that I...
  20. Kimo Force


    Hello, sir. I'm Kimo (that's not my real name though), a PRE-IGCSE Student in Egypt. It's really nice to meet other math teachers, since Maths is my favorite subject right after ICT. Thanks for clearing up the question that saadbtariq asked, as I didn't understand how to solve the problem at...