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  1. hassan100

    Petroleum engineering scope

    Is it fine to opt petroleum engineering after A levels? I have heard several people saying that there is no point of doing petroleum engineering when you will have no petrol after 10 years? any views about it? ANd what about the jobs? Can petroleum engineers get high paid jobs?
  2. hassan100

    SAT practise tests !!!

    How many practise tests should we al least do to get above 2200 score?
  3. hassan100

    Physics, Chemistry, Maths , Computing, Further Maths?

    AOA , if i take all the above subjects in my A levels would i be able to cope with every subject.. because i have heard if i take Further MAths without Add Maths in Olevels, my grades would probably go down?
  4. hassan100

    SAT 1 Vaidity!!

    For how many years is SAT 1 valid?
  5. hassan100

    SAT scores for MIT and HARVARD ?

    How many scores are needed in SAT 1 ANd SAT 2 to be capable for full financial aid for MIT and harvard university? :)
  6. hassan100

    Medical field!!!!

    I want to ask that if we are doing A levels with bio , chem and physics, is it better to stay in Pakistan or go abroad?
  7. hassan100

    Aga khan!! Advice needed

    Hey i am just about to start my Alevels and wants to go in the medical field .Can somebody tell me the criteria how students are selected . ow much money is costed there and is there any scholarship type thing in Aga Khan
  8. hassan100

    Best English language website :P Just click any thing u need to understands about tenses grammar and essays. Enjoy!!!
  9. hassan100

    Best of luck!!

    Good luck to all those who appeared in OCT/NOV and lets hope for the best on MOnday!!!
  10. hassan100

    cie distiction

    can any one provide me distinctions list for 2011?
  11. hassan100

    OCT nOV 2011 Result

    When the result is going to be announced AND whether we have to get from the centre or It will be texted on our mobiles phones
  12. hassan100

    english language

    Yar can anyone provide me with directed writing formats of letters articles reports speech leaflet and eveything? P.S can anyone provide me with practise passages for comprehension according to new syllabus pattern? I would appreciate if anyone help me plz :)
  13. hassan100

    BUsiness studies!!!!

    HOW much minimum time is required to cover the whole course of BUSiness ? Any idea
  14. hassan100

    environmental management

    did anybody gave e.m today? how wasit? wasnt that easy or difficult? :evil:
  15. hassan100

    Free download Book?

    CAn someone tell me where i can get free books in pDF format ? really urgent
  16. hassan100

    Environmental mangemnet

    can somebody provide me with some notes to study E.m
  17. hassan100

    Answer booklet needed!!!

    can any body give me answer booklet for Urdu and english So that i can practisize myself?
  18. hassan100

    Helppp abt extra subjects!!

    Hi everyone i want to ask thta which subjects are use full in o level if u want to go in medical in future . Is there is any extra subject that would help me in Medical except Human and social biology!! And what actually SAT mean Wat is its purpose Reply is must plz !
  19. hassan100

    Timetable deviation form!!!!1

    i am appearing in oct nov but have got clash in the timetable. More than three papers are on the same date aand time in which the total duration is more than 3hours 45 min >Now i want to get the timetable deviation form!!!!! :%)
  20. hassan100

    Physics Notes Needed !!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone post some precise notes of physics which can help to get An A* plz!!!!!!!!1