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  1. M.Queenie

    help please

    You mean topical past papers right ? I'm gonna take a look around, what's the most amount of time you can wait ?
  2. M.Queenie

    CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session discussion

    Now that's helpful as all hell ! Thanks ! Sorry but I was doubtful I'd get any answer seeing that very few make accounts here but so many use the website for the past papers. Thank's nonetheless !
  3. M.Queenie

    CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session discussion

    Hey ! My friends call me Queen or Queenie first and foremost. I'm here to ask around if people can help me figure out and wrap my head around Chemistry As Level MCQ... I'm so bad at it and it hurts because Practicals and Structured Questions are a cakewalk comparatively. Any suggestion and tip...