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    freaking out about chemistry result

    hey guys ,please post your expected gt over here for all the components of chem ..I m freaking out on chem ....just wanna calm myself down..please help me out fellas ...
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    Hey guys i had appeared for physics ,math ,chem ,computing and GP back in 2011 oct-nov ..I was satisfied with my computing,maths and G.P marks but not of chem and physics ..So, i appeared for physics and chem in this session , i will have two certificates of my high school degree?Or will...
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    How was your biology paper 22? I am so sad and devastated.

    lol...Jealous .....poor you...
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    How many hours do you sleep daily during the exam time?

    I take acid every night before exam and get a freaking high trip and gradually sleep too...
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    How was your biology paper 22? I am so sad and devastated.

    CIE mus be kidding so so and so damn easy paper....expecting 55-58 should be above 50...If it wan't in the last years ..this year i am sure it will be...
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    please help!! what expected grades can i get???

    All A' will be getting an A*.......Good luck.
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    Chemistry P4| A2 only

    yea sure..
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    Chemistry P4| A2 only

    please explain me the reaction kinetics mechanism......
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    Chem P2: How was it?

    Yeah..It should be low ,hoping around 40-45 for an A ....
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    pls help curfew problem in the country

    i am from nepal too...There won't be any curfew ,just a frigging strike ..jUst give your best and **** the rest..
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    paper 12 chemistry ...

    I will get 25 for sure that will be a C ...If GT for A gets around 28 ,then it would be a B ...Finger crossed.
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    how do you people manage to get an A on practical..I am worried about this thing...I have my P34 ..please help me out guys ..
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    paper 12 chemistry ...

    DAMn!!!! didn't read the question properly ..........(28-30 for A )...Not more than that .please .please.
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    paper 12 chemistry ...

    any one for Christ shake ,please do answer my question.
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    paper 12 chemistry ...

    thats not true length increases down the group ,so bond energy decreases....I guess the option was -Bond energy -increase Bond polarity-decrease Bond length -increase ...the answer should be C ,2 and 3 correct.
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    paper 12 chemistry ...

    what was the answer of 31 ,..which one of them have a planar shape ?..BF3,CH3+,,etc...
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    Chemistry MCQ?

    Thanks a bunch...But, can you please explain me my drawing the structures ......
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    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    may-june 2010 qp 11 , , 29 and 30 ..please tell me how to solve these kind of problem,.
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    Chemistry MCQ?

    which isomer of C4H10 forms three alkenes on dehydration ? A.butan-1-ol B. butan-2-ol C. 2-methylpropan-1-ol D. 2-methylprapan-2-ol
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    AS Chemistry Doubts

    may june 2002 paper 1 question no .21 ..I don't have any clue how to approach these kind of questions