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    CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session discussion

    any advice on english language igcse?
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    Imran Merchant's Chemistry Notes!

    can someone link merchant on youtube...cant find him
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    Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Post your doubts here!

    omw i bet this is so late but i just saw this idk if it will help for some reason the workdone=(f*d)+k.e which means f*d + 1/2mv^2 which is crazy
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    Cie feb march 2019 A level

    do you also have the igcse ones
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    Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Post your doubts here!

    I need help with something in physics I hope I can still post my doubt can someone please explain sensitivity,range,speed of response and linearity what affects them in the LIG thermometer
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    Discord server for all the CAIE Amigos

    how do I make it open n my pc, its such a helpful idea help
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    Chatroom for exams?

    how do I make it open on a pc it sounds major helpful
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    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    heey! for physics and chem
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    ICT 0417 practicals

    all of you guys are mad your comments are fun to read thank you soo much and now im up next for the ict exam
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    ICT 0417 practicals

    source files?
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    Download all Past Papers in a single click!

    it doesn't work anymore who ever downloaded batches back then please share