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    Going for Engineering? Need help in choosing the uni?

    So, we are entering into that time of the year when A level students (interested to study in pakistan) are not having much fun right? Universities admissions, and the confusion "which one should i go for" is haunting most of u. :P Having gone through all of this last year, i know how much...
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    ok ppl!im finally free... suggest me some good novels urdu or english (or punjabi if u know any :P )
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    june 2010 gt

    i was wondering when do they publish it?
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    Since v r not done with our ECAT/MCAT yet, y on earth is this topic closed? :| viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2010&start=80 I protest :|
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    Coke Studio

    Well the 2nd episode was nearly a complete failure. who agrees?
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    Chem p42. WTF WAS THAT???

    no need to discuss. just predict ur threshold mine is 50-52.
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    hey admin, ur doing a great job putting up this forum. only thing which lacks in it, is the chatroom (or watever it is, dunno much about forums :/) hope u got what im tryin to say...
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    28th May THE BIG DAY

    ok ppl, its here, v all know its a lil unfair, but still v have to live with it, best of luck all!
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    Maths P62 gt?

    after doing the paper, i think A should b at 35-36. any1 agree?
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    New Smilies

    Really like em! :) thnx admin.
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    Physics P4

    june 09, Q 9 b
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    Physics p4

    m/j 09 Q 11 b iii.
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    Past Entry tests

    Hey i need some past entry tests of NUST, GIKI, UET. plz any1 post it... thnx
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    FOr admin

    hey bro, can u plz add a topic at main page relating universities entry tests?
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    Chemistry Applications

    I want help in the following topics: DNA finger printing X-Ray crystallography quantom dots. (a summarised explanation wud b great. thnx)
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    Help in Physics P4

    oct 07 Q 2 a ii (y didnt he used V=4/3 pi Rcube) june 06 7 c (what is the relation b/w lemda n separation of rings) june 06 2 b ii ( how to calculate moles legt in cylinder) june 08 Q 11 a ii 2 (this thing is not present in booklet) if any1 alive reply ASAP! ty