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  1. sheharyar71


  2. sheharyar71

    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    it was easy.
  3. sheharyar71

    Business Studies Help !!!!

    job enrichment means that adding task or jobs in your job description that requires more skills and ability....and usually in papers the question come like that differentiate between job description and job enlargement, so dont be confused with this and dont mess them both together with each...
  4. sheharyar71

    A level Accounting Harold.r Additional Exercise Answeres?

  5. sheharyar71

    Maths A2 (M1/P3) Tuition required!

    ywr i am frm habib public school nd he teaches me addmaths in olevel in school,,,but the prblem iz that the he is too far away ,and he teaches in diz way that do one question of book and say and now do all the question....but his manner iz rude too....
  6. sheharyar71

    MATHS 4024 PAPER 22

    hey xtremez iz write bcz if u consider other paper like nov 2010 etc ,those are much hrded thn it
  7. sheharyar71

    bsp2 discussions

    hey man i have verified it frm the examiner and even my friend who appeared in previous session didnt do anything like tht bt they scored A*
  8. sheharyar71

    bsp2 discussions

    hey nprofit margin izz not important man ,i hav verified all that,and dn worry u will nt lose any mrks...................................
  9. sheharyar71

    account paper 1 was tooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wrong fourtyfivehundred, and eight percent
  10. sheharyar71

    account paper 1 was tooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my paper went excellent,now hoping for the best result!!!
  11. sheharyar71

    account paper 1 was tooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey how much u all are expecting
  12. sheharyar71

    Urdu, Vocab building.

    hey purchase that ferozson english to urdu dictionary ,it will be helpful for you .i use the very same and got A at 86% ..............................so i recommend that use that dictionary to score full marks in translation
  13. sheharyar71

    O' Levels Economics

    karachi ,karachi grammer school
  14. sheharyar71

    O' Levels Economics

    i dont hav words to tell how it has gone, yuppy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the paper was very easy .................i hav secured my half A* bt waiting for the paper 1 it is with addmaths huh.,.,;,;
  15. sheharyar71

    Guys where r ur centres??telll us so we will meet each other

    Re: Guys where r ur centres??telll us so we will meet each o hey guyz post it !
  16. sheharyar71

    Guys where r ur centres??telll us so we will meet each other

    karachi grammer school,karachi
  17. sheharyar71

    Need math help

    part c: i)faces refer to how many flat faces it has so 6 faces of polygon and 8 faces of triangles so total is 14. ii)vertice means that for example if there is a triangle then how much point it has so according to this 3 traingles point and 8 triangle so 8 * 3=24 iii)and edges refer to line...
  18. sheharyar71

    one query..of geography..????

    in my opinion i think that u should write in a paragraphs bcz it will attract the examiner to read the whole paragraph continuesly so that he can understand ur others point relted to it more accurately and full marks will be awarded for it.even i wrote answers in paragraphs but my percentage...
  19. sheharyar71

    Help for all exam takers