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  1. imfailingg


    I seriously DONT understand chemistry at all anymore. like nothing at all. can someone please give some tips? or recommend any teachers? I am in MAD NEED. PLEASE!
  2. imfailingg

    How is lawyer as a career for a female?

    And If someone could give about subject selection in A level for being a lawyer? I am considering to choose Law, English and Politics. Is law mad hard or can I do it? Is it worth it? Should I go for continuing into computer science or give a shot at law school?
  3. imfailingg

    How are the O-2 students doing in their midterms? How is it going?

    I get you haha! and damn you go gurl! congratulations!!!
  4. imfailingg

    How are the O-2 students doing in their midterms? How is it going?

    Wow, thats great! Congratulations!! Proud of ya!
  5. imfailingg

    How are the O-2 students doing in their midterms? How is it going?

    Same! I am dyiiing. They are never ending! What grades are you expecting? I dont even expect anything, I have given up.
  6. imfailingg

    oxford new syllabus mathematics book 1 download plz with answers

    https://oup.com.pk/school-textbooks/mathematics/new-syllabus-mathematics-teacher-s-resource-book-1.html https://www.youtube.com/@ZAINEMATICS There you go! P.S I'd recommend you to check out zainmetics on youtube and clear your concepts, cause I got some regrets.
  7. imfailingg

    How is Lawyer as a profession in Pakistan? Plus, thoughts on law subject in A-levels please.

    How is Lawyer as a profession in Pakistan for a female? Plus, Is the law subject in a levels really hard? can I know more about it please? Thank you!
  8. imfailingg

    Does Anyone have model answers from Savemyexams for IGCSE cambrdige all subjects and topics? Specifically for chemistry

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/110alUZTR2rB2frJS4jQKtgeNLbZ1G0yg?usp=share_link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I43VVV9qEoj_4iYsEIC_XL8nOSMUx8-o?usp=share_link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-A6XfkPJ6JxwyIiJExwAu9AfUiZTT9H6?usp=share_link there you go!