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    Cambridge University

    You can read this forum for a more knowledgable understanding of the how to get into Cambridge: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=15 There are many Cambridge appplicants, present students and graduates on this forum, and you will find better advice there than here,
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    Who is this lucky person to get the only scholarship at Oxford?
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    Official result book - 2010!

    Re: Official result book! A Levels Mathematics - A* Further Mathematics - A* Physics - A* Chemistry - A* Applied ICT - A*
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    Grades Of Further Mathematics

    I got an A*. What did you get?
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    Further Maths 9231/02/M/J/07

    The two situations of obtaining the sample are mutually exclusive events. The probability required is "either fist or second (not both)". So, you find the p.m.f. of the two events and add them to give the required probability. Then you sum the terms rP(r) over the range r>1 to get the expectation.
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    June 2009 Further maths

    (iii) Find the normal to the plane BPQ using these properties: * B and Q both lie on l2, so BQ is parallel to the direction vector of l2 * PQ is parallel to the cross product of the direction vectors of the two lines, l1 and l2 Find the cross product of BQ and PQ. This is the normal to the...