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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    alright for for cartel it was stable prices since that would mean that quotas can be easily allocated amongst firms and for small firms itwas increase in caital in economy since it would then makie it easier for smaal firms to cater to niche markets as cappital results in atandardised products...
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    besides i guess x inefficency is not written in syllabus so naturally it would make economies of scale the reason which are mentioned in syllabus
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    but wait i am not certain may be i might be wrong the question is one of its kind
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    well i guess sadly it is correct, it is concerned with efficency and since our isoquant was shifting outwards it implies higher costs less efficency meaning increase in X inefficency. check out wikipedia page
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    wait maybe it might be corect
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    yes ot did but i think X efficency is not correct
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    It was something about point G not lying on the isoquant but resulting in same quantity of output and answer was i guess technical disecononies of scale.
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    hmm what about isoquant question
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    How was Economics MCQ P32?

    Broad money includes all those assets which are liquid in nature, hence correct answers is undoubtedly A. Both will increase and here is the logic, broad money will increase as narrow money increases, the reason why it(broad money) will not decrease is that it includes some assets which are not...
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    Temporary Economics P3 Thread

    Hey guys correct me if I am wrong but I thinnk this is explanation. The paradox of value stems from diamond-water paradox. The total utility of water is higher then diamond but still diamonds are expensive. However it was established that marginal utility of diamond was much higher then water...
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    How was physics p52

    Hey guys I did a mistake of not including 10^-4 in gradient but included it in next part, how many marks will i lose
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    Let's discuss Physics Paper 52!!!

    can we discuss paper now i mean is it allowed
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    Maths, Addmaths and Statistics: Post your doubts here!

    Re: O'level Maths, Addmaths and Statistics help available he Hey Can anyone explain me about cubic sequences
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    Physics p2

    Hey guys what about that ripple tank question. in thought that the particle between the two waves would be in crest when the front is in trough
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    Grade Thresholds

    Hey guys can anyone tell me how the cie decides the threshold and how come so many people score A*, like in previous year around 20% candidates scored an A* in Biology! http://www.cie.org.uk/docs/qualifications/olevel/June%202010%20O%20Level.pdf
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    WHAT WILL HAPPEN ?????????????

    well i think that they will just mark the one that is fully solved
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    Chemistry ATP

    It went pretty well