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  1. AreebaKausar

    Thanks!! :)

    Thanks!! :)
  2. AreebaKausar

    Applying to US

  3. AreebaKausar

    Applying to US

    Tell me about it! I studied privately for my entire A level, so I don't even have teacher recs.. You should drop councilor rec may be, provide teacher recs only. I personally will be providing rec from my employer and one of my secondary teacher may be,
  4. AreebaKausar

    Maths trouble. A level Private Candidate...PLS HELP!

    I have given Private A levek MATH, GOT C, had an A* in math O level, but couldn't study much due to family issues this year There are 4 papers, 4 books.. Pure math1 pure mah3 and one of following combo stats 1 or mechanics1 stats1 or stats 2 mechanics 1 or mechanics 2
  5. AreebaKausar


    gonna tell u on fb..
  6. AreebaKausar

    Result November 2015

    Alhamdullilah! Thank You, CIE for taking 3 papers on same day and ruining my math. I shall rise again!
  7. AreebaKausar

    I worship this song <3 lol it was first i heard of katy perry

    I worship this song <3 lol it was first i heard of katy perry
  8. AreebaKausar


  9. AreebaKausar

    Thank You and love you all!!! XD :D

    I finished my A level too today! :) Its the best feeling in world
  10. AreebaKausar

    Giving private examination

    Hi I just finished my A Level today! in commerce subjects! Agree with everything, my friend Bakhita says here.. Private studying is not for faint-heart·ed It takes so much of self control that you yearn for a teacher! I belong to a middle class family and i faced a serious lack of books and...
  11. AreebaKausar

    chances for lums?:(

    What do we have to give then? The 3 hour SATS right? Then why is everyone talking about SAT 2 (n):( I am sorry guys I am new at this, can you help me out? which exact SAT do we need
  12. AreebaKausar

    chances for lums?:(

    The three hour SAT with Math, reading and writing!! Subject TESTS ( that are given in level I or II ) are recently introduced
  13. AreebaKausar

    chances for lums?:(

    I thought we just need the normal SATs.. Is that getting too old fashioned??
  14. AreebaKausar

    am i wrecking my future? (PLEASE read and help)

    But I so agree with this part! when you want something, you simply don't care.. I was a school topper in matric.. But my heart was with business! and these local low IQ people used to stare at me and say: But you are not duffer, why you wanna study commerce.. I wanted to hit them on head but I...
  15. AreebaKausar

    am i wrecking my future? (PLEASE read and help)

    Dude! Stop calling Bill Gates and Mark Zingerburger College dropouts!! They dropped out of Harvard!! Because they had started making billions and their aim of having their billions was fulfilled before they could even give the final exam! They were not some normal college dropouts!! Ironic...
  16. AreebaKausar


    Hi!! I an 18 and I have been working as Freelancer Creative and Business Content writer since I was 13, along with another job that was of professional resume writing.. Actually, i have been working to afford my O/A level in the writing industry, and I have written assignments and projects of...
  17. AreebaKausar

    How was 9709_w15_qp_32

    Thanks ^_^ I hope so
  18. AreebaKausar

    How was 9709_w15_qp_32

    Wasn't very good for me :( Composite A level was a disaster... I will have to step up my game in SATS I performed all methods, but my calculations were very inaccurate. Will i get something around 30-45 ? :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
  19. AreebaKausar

    Are you ready for 9709 w15 p32(mathematics p3)?? :D

    Differential equations and parametric equations r so hard I know all stuff but when it gets hard it gets out of my hand..
  20. AreebaKausar

    MATHEMATICS OCT/NOV PAPER 62: 9709_w15_qp_62

    p3 might be hard!!! or p4 one would be hard other easy