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Search results

  1. HasnainAhmad

    Sajjil Kinda Mid

    Sajjil Kinda Mid
  2. HasnainAhmad

    Psychology As and A level Coursebook PDF

  3. HasnainAhmad

    pdf version or soft copy of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics 1 2nd Edition (The purple book)

    Although this is not the same publisher, the content and everything else is the same. It supports the latest syllabus and covers everything https://pdf.zlibcdn.com/dtoken/8776ecfcf8df4ebcb934a467a3cc6b85/Cambridge_International_AS__A_Level_Mathematics__5668101_(z-lib.org).pdf
  4. HasnainAhmad

    New books

    Use Zlibrary It contains every A Level ebook according to your demand. Trust me Links: Biology: https://pk1lib.org/book/2726302/d0d41c Coursebook by Mary Jones Chemistry: https://pk1lib.org/book/12341403/a9030e another good book: https://pk1lib.org/book/11707213/480bce?dsource=recommend...
  5. HasnainAhmad

    Urdu O level Syllabus A Book recommendation

    Can Anyone recommend me a good Urdu O level syllabus A book?. I have the Nazm-e-nasr and khyabanay Urdu but both of those books have incomplete information.
  6. HasnainAhmad

    AS and A-Level Psychology

    Here Ya Go:
  7. HasnainAhmad

    Psychology As and A level Coursebook PDF

    For Some reason the previous link is not working therefore use the following book.
  8. HasnainAhmad

    Psychology As and A level Coursebook PDF

    Here Ya go: https://pdf.zlibcdn.com/dtoken/c36356a9d1053108623403d8528495ca/Cambridge_International_AS__A_level_Psychology_by_6158561_(z-lib.org).pdf
  9. HasnainAhmad

    Need this book pdf

    I found the book you're looking for, here it is https://content.studentbase.app/wJ3pV7u6K.pdf
  10. HasnainAhmad


    Can some please email me the complete zafar alam notes at [email protected]
  11. HasnainAhmad

    Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu: Post your doubts here!

    Does anybody Have Urdu o level notes syllabus A 2020-2022 IF you have them, please send them
  12. HasnainAhmad

    Psychology A level notes and Ebooks Needed

    If you have any Psychology A and AS level ebooks or notes please Email them to me at [email protected] or you could post them here
  13. HasnainAhmad

    Urdu O level Notes, Syllabus A required.

    Are you talking about syllabus B?, Because I need Syllabus A notes
  14. HasnainAhmad

    Urdu O level Notes, Syllabus A required.

    Urdu O level Notes required: 2020 to 2022 syllabus notes A, If you have these notes can you please post them.Notes must be according to the latest syllabus, prose and poetry; Syllabus A. Please If you have them, send them, Thank you,