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    need a help for physics....!

    gravitaional ques prob!! Q1,find the speed of the satellite which orbitz the moon near the moon's curface? what is the kinetic energy per unit mass of the satellite? (radius of moon: 1.74*10^6,mass of moon: 7.35*10^22) Q2,astronomical observationz show the centre of mass of the earth-moon...
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    MCAt & ECAT HELP!!!!!

    which mcat books r u guys studying? i mean which author? can i cover inter syllabus in 15 days? :s
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    O/A Level Lecture Videos begin . . .

    thx guyz,these videos r awsum,bdw zohaib cn u plz p0st de videoz for thinking skillz asap and cn u plz pm ur msn id?? i need ur suggestionz on sm matterz..thnx :)
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    hey can sm1 plz tell me tht in nov09/variant 22,q4(partc2(ii)) frm where did v get 0.0362? 2) ES = ½ × 1.8 × 10-2 ( 0.0362 – 0.0212) = 0.077 J plz sm1 help me!!!!
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    Physics P2 Help Required

    phase difference=( 2pi/ lamda) X path difference phase difference = pi [ for destructive interference] lambda(wavelength) = 2pi/ pi X path difference. path difference is S2M - S1M find S2M using Pythagoras = root of 802 + 1002 =128 path...
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    Physics P2 Help Required

    for distructive interference,path difference is(n-0.5lamda) can sm1 plz help me out wid june08: Q4(part c) Q6(part b)don't we just add up the powers???
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    Chemistry P1 Help

    hey can u plz help me??? june08 q2,6,15,27 and nov08 q1,5(why is it D and nt A) q7(why nt hydrogen since it has less mass thn all oder givn optionz??) q14!!!! plz help out!!!
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    P4 problem

    thanx...cann suum1 explaing dese probz...if not awll denn suum ov dem pllzzz.. nov09/42 Q1 part (c) Q3 part (c) Q5 part a2 Q7 part b2 Q9 part c2 Q10 part a2 Q11 part c2 nov09/41 q5 part b2 Q6 part b1 Q10 Q12 part d
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    phy p4 small doubt

    what is the significance or function of parrall-to-serial block and serial-to-parallel block????
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    P4 problem

    what is the significance or function of parrall-to-serial block and serial-to-parallel block????
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    Chem p33 final details...

    hey darkism u there??? rate of reaction graphz???thiosulphate ones or is it sumfin else?
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    Chem p33 final details...

    j09/p32/q2 and n09/p32/q1.....
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    Chemistry, Physics, Biology Paper 3 GUESS

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    Chemistry, Physics, Biology Paper 3 GUESS

    hey can ne1 confrm bio p33 slide??
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    me toooo plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    bio 31 practicle paper

    any guesses guyx???