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  1. GloriaSmeltzer

    Admission in US

    As a padel racket player interested in studying in the United States, there are several steps you can take to pursue admission to a U.S. university: Research Universities and Programs: Begin by researching universities in the United States that offer the academic programs you are interested...
  2. GloriaSmeltzer

    Economics coursebook answers please of second edition

    haring or providing answers to coursebook materials without permission would violate copyright laws and academic integrity policies. I recommend consulting your professor, classmates, or utilizing study resources such as textbooks, lecture notes, and online educational platforms to find the...
  3. GloriaSmeltzer

    Why padel racket is not the part of Olympic

    Padel racket is a very amazing sport but I astonish why it is not a part of Olympic. If any now why it is now a part of olympic please tell me?