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  1. K

    B.s retake

    oh ok .. thanks
  2. K

    B.s retake

    could anyone plz tell me the whole procedure of reappearing for a subject! and do we need n.o.c letter? most of my friends are reappearing without that letter but my principal says she wont allow anyone to reappear and she wont give that letter to anyone!
  3. K

    Accounts Paper 1 Howd it go

    it was job i think .. job prosuction involves the production of special orders or items so i think it was job though i chose unit costing ..i realized it after the exam!!!
  4. K

    Funding studies in UK

    its not that you will get a minimum of 2000pounds scholarship, my brother has got an admission in university of kent and he's now applying fro a scholarship, if he gets, inshallah, it will 50% that is 5000 pounds .. you have to write an essay to show you are a deserving candidate and a strong...
  5. K

    How was Accounts!?

    coptic, why u doing such difficult steps, in the last part we simply had to first find the reduced sales, then contribution, calculate c/s ratio and lastly use the c/s ratio in the formula for target profit! though i forgot the formula of t.profit. and due to tht i'll lose a total of 8-10 marksa...
  6. K

    stats paper tomorrow help please

    P(X>128) 1 - P( Z <[128-125]/4.2) 1 - P( Z <3/4.2) find the value of (3/4.2) from the table and then subtract it from 1 , u'll have the answer! (ii) P( [k-125]/4.2 < Z < 3/4.2) = 0.7465 P(Z<3/4.2) - P(Z < [k-125]/4.2) = 0.7465 the prob. which u will find in the previous part, subtract...
  7. K

    maths p62

    pm me tooo anybody .. plz at anyime. even at 5 in the morning ! plz!
  8. K

    How was Accounts!?

    although i forgot the target profit formula but it was a bit technical .. first we had to calculate the reduced sales, then calculate c/s ratio, then apply the target profit formula .. that is fixed costs plus target profit divided by the c/s ratio .. i think it was to be done like this!
  9. K

    How was Accounts!?

    breakeven can be calculated by dividing the fixed costs by c/s ratio .. simple!
  10. K

    How was Accounts!?

    i was dead during the paper! 6-12 tutition, slept at 5 in the morning, then woke up at 0930 for group studying, then for paper! question 2 killed me!i found the rate of depreciation something else and applied something else! i got tooooo confused!!!! and for q3, i forgot the formula for target...
  11. K

    Accounting !!

    i'm taking accounts as well!
  12. K

    Maths - Statistics 1 Question

    @the giver, u r spot on! @ death valley: its a bit tricky and confusing, its like this: 75% of the score is greater than 63 i'm taking standard deviation as 's' P(X > 63)= 0.75 1 - P[Z < (63 - 51)/s] by using the critical values, the value for 0.75 is 0.674 0.674 = (63-51)/s 0.674s = 12 s =...
  13. K

    Maths - Statistics 1 Question

    no probs boyyyyy!
  14. K

    Maths - Statistics 1 Question

    P(X > d) = 0.1 P{Z > (d-35)/11.6} = 0.1 find the value of 0.9 from the table that is the inverse value then equate it to (d-35)/11.6 we will take 0.9 becoz it is greater than d and the table values are eligible for less than , use the critical values , these are given beneath the table in a...
  15. K

    MATH 9709 62 (Statistics)

    there is a question in may/june/03/Q1 .. i need to ask what is afalse zero!?
  16. K

    Account paper 2

    manufacturing, club accs, company, reconciliation of control accounts, bank reconcilation, ratios, breakeven .. u should be good in these! but dont rely on this as it is just a guess ..
  17. K

    Accounts P2

    manufacturing, club accs, company accs, partnership, single entry, suspense, breakeven analysis .. should be done thoroughly!
  18. K

    MATHS (S1) j2003 Q5(iii)

    take these three possibilties: both the man and woman are not in the committee : 5C3 * 3C2 = 30 the man is included, the woman isn't : 5C2 * 3C2 = 30 this time the woman is included: 5C3 * 3C1 = 30...
  19. K

    *ABP* Examination tips and Best of luck!

    Re: Examination tips and Best of luck! nice ones admin!thanks!
  20. K


    @poolstick, it does prove to be handful for you .. you put up any difficult question , you'll get different types of solutions u dont know and may be easier than the ones u use.. or if someone posts a question u've never encountered then the solution can be sort of a practice for u!