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  1. K

    How many hours do you sleep daily during the exam time?

    Your lucky I sleep 7 hours a day-everyday but right before the exams I always get weird - like people turning into zombies!!!
  2. K

    A2 Biology | Post your doubts here

    In variant 2 I took a long time doing the crop plants question.It was so confusing, I am not sure of my answers! But the rest of them were easy.
  3. K

    A2 Biology | Post your doubts here

    I think its more like 71-78. Most of my friends found it very easy cuz for some reason the paper's pattern was like my teachers!
  4. K

    allopatric since it was very small therefore could not travel far

    allopatric since it was very small therefore could not travel far
  5. K

    A2 Biology | Post your doubts here

    I also did the same thing, I hope they do mark it, its just one circle but costs 15 marks!!!!!!
  6. K

    nybody appearing tomorrow bio P4?

    personally I find it easier to study by doing papers in accordance with the mark scheme right before the exam, this way I undestand exactly what they want and get short notes for all types of qustions. If you look at the last 5 years paper it has a pattern and some questions are repeated. Good...
  7. K

    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    thanks for your help I finally undestand it!
  8. K

    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    why is it "360-50.7" I dont undestand this part "in 2nd quadrant, only sin is +ve then, do 360-190.4=169.6 then, 180-169.6=10.4"
  9. K

    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    Thanks for replying! when you make X the subject does the answer you get have to be within the new range or the one specified in the question?
  10. K

    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    Can someone please explain how to do this type of question. This is the only problem in maths for me, I could never understand how to do it even though I have tried all the past paper questions. I always get the 2nd part wrong.Please post a detailed explanation. Thank you
  11. K

    Physics important equations for both AS & A2

    can someone help me find short notes on applications of physics, like for NMR, ultrasound and x-rays and about how they work. If anyone has a list of physics definitions can you please post it? It would help everyone since almost 25% of the paper asks for them.
  12. K

    Physics important equations for both AS & A2

    Hi guys, If you are looking for a quick revision for physics these are some really good short notes that will help you before exams.
  13. K

    revision guides

    Thanx for the notes they really helped me!
  14. K

    revision guides

    hi, I am doing my final exams this month and I really need short notes for me to study. can anyone please post the bio,phy & chem rivision guides here.I would find them useful when I study. Thanks!
  15. K

    final final details abt practicals!

    bio-33 is about enzymes most probably amylase,catalase or urease Q2 is most probably something to do with microscope
  16. K

    Guess Papers nd topics needed...

    me too! i need to know especially for chem
  17. K

    Add math

    I want to know how to differentiate between permutation and combination????????????????I dont know which is which but I know how to do them
  18. K

    Coutdown to End of Exams

    yeah........... cant wait for the exams to finish :D
  19. K

    Biology ATP; DiscussiOn

    The was easy except for the first question, god i suck in drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. K

    Bio ATP

    yes,but which drawing?