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  1. Hamna Usman

    Outdoor Air pollution in Lahore

    Outdoor Air pollution in Lahore Pakistan's second-largest and most polluted city Urbanization and industrialization are both expanding, which has led to a decline in the city's air quality. Smog, which is harmful to health, is causing a rapid rise in several health issues and growing...
  2. Hamna Usman

    Role of Mass Media in Pakistan

    Role of Mass Media in Pakistan Role of mass media in placing content: The public’s perception of sociopolitical issues is heavily influenced by mass media, which also helps in the circulation of information and raises awareness about these issues. The people and government are...
  3. Hamna Usman

    Education through Movies

    Education through Movies It's common to misunderstand how movies can be used to teach. The majority of parents think that because kids are film addicts, watching movies can only be bad for their education. Because it is considered a leisure activity, using movies to teach is questioned...
  4. Hamna Usman

    Trends in Educational Technology

    Trends in Educational Technology The world of education is constantly evolving, and technological advancements have played a critical role in the way we learn, teach, and collaborate. Educational technology, or EdTech, refers to the use of digital technology in education, and it has been...
  5. Hamna Usman

    Internships in College: Their Value

    Internships in College: Their Value Immersive internships in your field of study while in college are necessary for good results after you graduate. It's possible to participate in discussions, debates, peer interaction, and shared learning experiences in a classroom setting, but it's also...
  6. Hamna Usman

    Social media's detrimental influence on young people's social lives

    Social media's detrimental influence on young people's social lives A social media platform is an online platform that people use to create social networks or social relationships with others who have similar personal or professional interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life...
  7. Hamna Usman

    Freelancing: A benefit to students

    Freelancing: A benefit to students There is no better time to begin your freelance career than while you are a student pursuing a degree. By allowing students to take ownership and responsibility, freelancing helps them develop both professionally and personally while also allowing them to...
  8. Hamna Usman

    E-libraries: Benefits in Today’s World

    E-libraries: Benefits in Today’s World An e-library is what? It is a type of library with a centralized collection of digital objects such as texts, graphics, audio, and video materials, files in electronic media types, and systems for organizing, storing, and retrieving media. The size and...
  9. Hamna Usman

    Why Education Should be Free?

    Why should education be free? Education is the process of accelerating learning, knowledge acquisition, and the acquisition of values and virtues. It aids in the improvement of people all around the world. It is a more reliable way for people to learn knowledge, skills, and morals. The...
  10. Hamna Usman

    Things to consider before applying abroad!

    Things to consider before you apply abroad! Why study abroad? The popularity of study abroad programs is growing for a variety of reasons. Gaining a top-notch education, becoming immersed in a new culture (and frequently a second language), developing a global attitude, and improving future...
  11. Hamna Usman

    Noam Chomsky: The Five Filters of Mass Media

    Noam Chomsky: The Five Filters of Mass Media Mainstream media today has the most power to shape public opinion. It is to blame for how people perceive the world in general. The media of today fails to remain only objective observers, but instead actively influences society through their...
  12. Hamna Usman

    Commuting vs. Living on Campus

    Commuting vs. Living on Campus What best suits your college experience? Should you be a commuter student or live on campus? It varies from student to student. Living on campus may seem like a pipe dream to a commuter who drives up to twenty miles a day to their university. On the...
  13. Hamna Usman

    Educational Factors that Facilitate Child Marriage

    Educational Factors that facilitate Child marriage Education is not only a human right but also a powerful tool for women's empowerment and strategic development investment. There is a clear multiplier effect to educating girls: women who are educated are healthier, participate more in the...
  14. Hamna Usman

    We are hiring :)

    Hey I am a student at LSE university , second year. I am interested to be the content writer for your website, before now I have written many articles for my university societies and presentations etc. I am a dedicated worker and can provide articles regarding various topic. Grades from my...
  15. Hamna Usman

    We are hiring :)