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    counting days until i get my results :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    Chem p42. WTF WAS THAT???

    Paper was hard i think max A grade will be about = 60 and min A grade = 50 more than anything i did not have the time
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    Discuss Chem P42 !!

    Paper was tough :oops: but for the ones i wrote im sure :) Hope the thresold are low :!:
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    Revision Notes for CHEMISTRY APPLICATIONS (P4 SEC 2 A)

    I too need some application notes the book is too big and i dont do bio instead i do computer
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    How's Chemistry Paper 52?

    Paper was good Hey wat was the hazard i just did a guess on KCl :!: :roll: IS KCl in the first place dangerous :?: Wat was the comment ull write in the very last question. :?:
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    Solved chem paper 5s

    THanx PrincessZahra i too need some solved papers :)
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    Maths Paper 32

    Paper was tough couldnt do the differential equation (dead),only seperated and did the integration wrong. Very differerent to the past papers. and why did they have to give a complex number in POLAR FORM :x lets pray for the thresholds to be low
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    Standard of A level paper

    This has been said before this is wat i have got to say. Standard is inversly proportional to thresholds ;) :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    How to convert analogue to digital in Phy p4

    What is ur calculator model :?:
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    S1 paper6 how was it????

    Imagine if S1 is lyk this how would P3 and Physics P4 would be and Chemistry is still to happen
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    Paper was hard although i answered all. :? Wish the thresholds go low :roll: how was it for u guys oh yeah i got 504 can someone please explain wat is meant by central tendancy
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    Physics Practical/P33 Details and General Practical Tips

    Guyz and Gals some news ;) Check out the 1st question of the October / November 2007 O Level paper Paper 4 :P Paper :arrow: http://www.srepapmaxeeeerf.org/O%20Level/Physics/CIE/2007%20Nov/5054_w07_qp_4.pdf Marking Scheme :arrow...
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    Applications of physics

    Okay im weak in applications and i would like if someone can explain the following (correct me of im wrong) :? 1) How the CT scan works :( 2) How the A scan works :( 3) How the B scan works :( 4) How the MRI works :( 5)does anyone know anylinks to any online op amp questions (cambridge...
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    I can't cncentr8 on one thing..Even on studies during exams

    Re: I can't cncentr8 on one thing..Even on studies during ex exams have a negligable amount of time period compaerd to ur entire life time so work hard :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
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    A small logarthamic question

    Yah i cann do that part but my prob lies in solving the equation wat im asking is for someone to solve this
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    chemistry :'(

    Dude Chemistry Paper is full of organic Make sure u memrize the all the reagents and conditions for all the reactions. That will get u to a good position
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    A small logarthamic question

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    A small logarthamic question

    This is question 7 in m/j 08 can someone solve it form here [x + 0.5ln(x+1) - 1.5ln(x+3)] limits are from 3 to 0 Please include every step even the simplest and the samllest one. thanx
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    URGENT: Help needed for complex numbers!

    Check this out http://www.intmath.com/Complex-numbers/ ... -intro.php