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    Advice about further studies!

    lol terrorist?? it just USA lol. i think, not sure
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    Sodium chloride....

    yes it is lol. its giant molecualr,confirmed with my teacher and books
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    hello, well just wanted to thank everyone for helping me on maths phys chem. And of course this forum. I will recomend this forum to my brother when he reaches Alvel and ma friends :D and evryone who reads this. Hope i can get 2A or 3A and good luck to everyone on exam results day, 12 august i...
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    did anyone put P which was phophurus for Q1 whcih was something about unpaired electrons?? i think it was C
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    o shit i have it wrong S: i think when u burn pvc, it breacks ozone, and not harmful produts. PVC doenst make harmeful product, just looked at a book
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    is carbon a giant molecular?? i put yes :D
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    p 21 n 51 phy!

    i wrote that we would see x at the sides, so the right and left side. while before, we could only see the x in the top and bottom.
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    did anyone remeber the one of state oxidixing of N. i put it was +6 and -2. is that right??
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    so not much calculation?? more of a thoery?? was organic hard?
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    was it easy?? i mean the dificulty, becuase paper 11 will be da same level dificulty!
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    paper 1 Chemistry 2006

    can anyone explain the remain of O/N 2006
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    paper 1 Chemistry 2006

    i still dont understand the one of presure :S can u explain again or another form?
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    Chemistry paper1 2009

    hello everyone, i wanna thank everyone that helped me, but i want one last help can anyone solve M/J 2009: Q8 and 28 O/N 2009 21: Q5
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    p 21 n 51 phy!

    lol full??? in Q1 was nearly imposible, what atype of e`xperiment uses hammer lol
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    Chem paper 1 2008 helpp

    hello can someone solve me these few questions :D its from M/J 2008 : Q2, 6, 10, 15 and 25 also O/N 2008: Q 1,2, 29 and 30. i really need to understand these questions. thanks
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    Discuss paper51 how was it??

    hello guys, this paper was dificult, espeacilly the first part, it seemed to bbe easy but when u started :S did anyone use a ruler and a stopwacht also the second question :S,, i think there was a wrong point!!! i didnt count it for best fit line?? did u??
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    p5 phy

    can u upload now please??
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    Confusion__plz help__phy P52

    grad best- grad worst did u this formula¿¿ if u did is right
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    abt p41 chem

    badddddd!!!! it was dificult! expext aplication for poeple that do bio, but as i dont do it :S
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    p5 phy

    if the formula was : U= X^-n how would it be??