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    IGCSE Accounting 0452

    it,s okay fine thanks alot I finally got it :D
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    IGCSE Accounting 0452

    I have got a question... May l June 2011 paper 2 variant 1 Q4 it's asked to prepare a receipt and payment account for the year ended 28 Feb 2011.... in the mark scheme subscriptions paid in 2012 have been added although it stated in the question year ended 28 Feb 2011.... Any idea why the value...
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    AS Biology Pp.3 (Doupts, Help, Tips ect.)

    take eg 5 cm3 of known concenteration eg 10% of the solution needed to be diluted and add equal volume of distilled water (5cm3) thus you have reduced the concenteration of the solution to half (5%) if asked to dilute the solution to one-tenth then take eg 1cm3 of 10% solution and add 9 cm3...
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    AS Practical list

    guyz any excpected experimental questions for biology AS Practical 31?? thnx in advance!! :D
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    Question in Chemistry ppr4 urgent plz.

    thank u very much beacon :) :)
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    Question in Chemistry ppr4 urgent plz.

    does anyone know why some books say 1) E(std)cell = E(+ve terminal) - E(-ve terminal) 2) E(std)cell = E(right hand terminal) - E(left hand terminal) in my class, we used the first one. but when i attempt June 2008 paper4 Q1, they used the 2nd one to get the answer. im confused :S thanks in...
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    Chemistry - Urgent - help Question in ppr 2

    plz help me to solve this question. thanx in advance. element Atomic radius/pm Ionic radius/pm lithium 152 ?????? sodium 186 95 potassium 227...
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    Accounting ppr1 help plz

    can u plz help me in questions no. 6,11, 16,22,23,24,30,32,33,39 Nov.06 ppr1 Thanx in advance. I appreciate ur help.
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    why there is 3 different radicals and not 2?
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    Chemistry P1 Help

    here why the answer is not B or A in q 16 and q 31 was about the properties of the atoms that are same in a chlorine molecule having a realative molecular mass 72...didnt understand thnx in advance and i really appreciate ur help....
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    Chemistry P1 Help

    Can somebody explain Nov 2005 Q16,31 june 2006 Q31, 33,38 june 2004 Q1, 2 and12 chemistry ppr 1??plzzzzz . I would really appreciate ur help,thnx in advance.
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    Chemistry P5 help

    what is the range of temperatures we have to draw a curve and what is the range we have to draw a line???
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    Chemistry P5 help

    how?? the whole graph is coming a curve but the question is asking for two lines to be drawn so, how can i determine the points to draw the lines???
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    Chemistry P5 help

    hey, isn't that the plotted points forms a curve?????
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    small doubt

    no, there is 4c in June 2001. ppr 2
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    small doubt

    Can somebody help me in solving question no. 4(c) in June 2001 ppr 2?? thnx in advance.
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    Chemistry P5 help

    Can somebody help me in solving question no. 4(c) in June 2001 ppr 2?? and i also need help in june 2009 Q2 (b) the graph plzzz thnx in advance.
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    Chemistry P5 help

    ok ur explanation is really helpful. thnx a lot for ur help but can u help me in solving Q2b of june 2009 thnx in advance.
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    Chemistry ppr 5 help needed

    can somebody help me in solving Q2(b){GRAPH} in June 2009 how to draw to straight lines ??? the plotted points appear to be curve .I really need help urgently. I appreciate ur help.