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  1. kity way

    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    can someone plz help in b) the ans is 0.85 and 0.51
  2. kity way

    A level Biology: Post your doubts here!

    Why isnt it A? Why B?
  3. kity way

    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    can someone help me with these?? thank u soo much!
  4. kity way

    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    thank u soo much!!!
  5. kity way

    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    Plz help! i dont get it
  6. kity way

    hiya :3

    hiya :3
  7. kity way

    A level Biology: Post your doubts here!

    thank u!!
  8. kity way

    Biology AS level topic wise papers for mcq

    does anyone know where I can get all the topic wise mcq questions for Biology? I did get some from gce guide but I didnt get mcq questions topic wise for topics like transport in animals, transport on plants ?? rlly appreciate any help, it doesnt need to have marking scheme but if it does i...
  9. kity way

    A level Biology: Post your doubts here!

    Can someone please help with this graph?? the answer is 0.45 but i dont get it
  10. kity way

    How was ur IGCSE result??

    The result was out on 10th August. This is my result: Ict A Math A Bio B Chem A Physics A Evm B English (2nd languange) A with 1 in oral soo 5A and 2B, have to say Im kinda disappointed that I didnt get a single A* but Im an introvert and I got 1 in oral! Ha!! anyWays how did u all do?
  11. kity way

    can we wear black skechers in igcse exam? (PLZ ANSWER QUICK)

    is it allowed? i have black skechers with a grey S on it
  12. kity way

    notes for vectors for extended maths 0580?

    does anyone have any notes for vectors, but not for additional maths, im looking for extended thnx
  13. kity way

    Your igcse experience

    any recent students who did igcse? im having it this wednesday, can u guys tell me ur experience. also can evaluate how do u think i'll do? here are my pre mocks ict : A 85% bio : A* 92% chem: C 67% physics: A 84% EVM : 83% A Math: 75% B English: 88% A mocks ict : A 87% bio: A* 93%...
  14. kity way

    ICT 2017 Practical help

    yea when u click the plus i think there is an option for axis data where u can change the max n min data on the axis
  15. kity way

    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    Math paper 21, june 2012, q19 i got part a, t-p but part b.. the answer is p+2t but i dont get it, shouldnt it be 2t? we r only going up not left or right so why is p included? bcz of this i donr get part c too, can someone plzz help
  16. kity way

    ICT 2017 Practical help

    to limit a list you make a form and click on the data type you want to limit, when u go to property sheet you will find limit to list, press yes, for upper bound and lower bound i dont really know how to explain but when you press on the chart in excel u get a list of options where u can change...
  17. kity way

    ICT 2017 Practical help

    well its been a week and a half since i did it so i dont remember much , im in zone 4 and this is important: make styles make columns with a specific space in cm use table from excel to make a bar graph (you have to know how to change the upper and lower bounds of the axis in excel) mail merge...
  18. kity way

    ICT 2017 Practical help

    i did paper2, bcz i practiced and watched videos of some youtuber named evans or something, it was rlly easy, alot of people say that it was too long but i didnt feel that way