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  1. Beaconite007

    !!! Hey Guys! how was your P1 Maths Paper? !!!!!!!!!!

    I remember when I gave my maths AS paper this summer, I was freaking our just like you guys :P Rest assured, if you've studied properly and managed your time well, you'll get A's/B's. May Allah's grace be upon all of you.
  2. Beaconite007

    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    Asalam Alaikum :) Could somebody please solve Q1)a)ii of this paper. http://papers.xtremepapers.com/CIE/Cambridge%20International%20A%20and%20AS%20Level/Chemistry%20(9701)/9701_s08_qp_4.pdf In the markscheme, the answer is -0.59 but I keep getting +0.59 It also says in the markscheme to ignore...
  3. Beaconite007

    To my fellow pakistani friends

    Assalam Alaikum Abdul. :) Pakistanis (and South Asians/South-East Asians in general) are known to be extremely hardworking people. CIEs are rather simple, really. All you have to do is read your coursebooks (once or twice), attempt the end-of-chapter questions, and if you're able to solve them...
  4. Beaconite007

    AAAA. You?

    AAAA. You?
  5. Beaconite007


    AS result: Maths - A Chem - A Phy - A Bio - A :) All thanks to the Almighty Allah.
  6. Beaconite007

    Everyone's Results

    AS result: Maths - A Chem - A Phy - A Bio - A :) All thanks to the Almighty Allah.
  7. Beaconite007

    So about these rumours...

    Somebody told me that nobody from our College got an A in maths (AS) Which I find very hard to believe ._. What are the chances of somebody finding out the result before the actual date?
  8. Beaconite007


    Interesting, this is the first time I'm hearing about this. Thank you for sharing. :)
  9. Beaconite007

    Thresholds for Physics /12

    It goes without saying that the threshold will not cross 30. If I had to make a rough estimate, it will probably be 25 or 27.
  10. Beaconite007

    Does anybody ever get 35+/40 in chemistry p1?

    I've never gotten below 33 '-' I usually get around 35-40. Sorry if it makes you feel bad :(
  11. Beaconite007

    Physics Paper 12

    27-25. Definitely not more.
  12. Beaconite007

    How was Physics/12 paper?

    I think I did. Not certain, though.
  13. Beaconite007

    How was Physics/12 paper?

    27-29. Definitely not higher, if not lower.
  14. Beaconite007


    Somebody I know got A, A and E and still managed to get an overall A grade.
  15. Beaconite007

    Gt for chemistry paper 33

    Last year? May/June 2012, no? I remember checking the gt for that. It was 24/40 ._.
  16. Beaconite007

    Gt for chemistry paper 33

  17. Beaconite007

    Maths P4 Mechanics POLL

    Various invigilators. They've been telling us to write that since O levels.
  18. Beaconite007

    Chemistry paper 33 how was it?

  19. Beaconite007

    POLL: Chem paper 33 2013

    Never before have I laughed(or cried) so much during and after a paper. Never before.