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  1. PlanetMaster

    Top 10 exam tips

    Exams are inevitable for students, but they don't have to be painful. These tips can help you get ready for and get through your exams. They can also help you prepare for tests and class presentations, and tackle in-class assignments. 1. Find out about the exam Know your enemy – find out as...
  2. PlanetMaster

    Welcome to the All-New XtremePapers

    Welcome to the All-New XtremePapers. It was long-overdue but we've finally done it. :) Some of the features include: All new integrated design Much better readability over dark theme Huge collection of Smileys and Emojis Mobile and tablet friendly design (no more horizontal scrolling) News...
  3. PlanetMaster

    Special thank you to all moderators

    A special thank you to all the existing and past moderators for keeping this forum alive. Seriously, this forum wouldn't be where it is without our hard working moderators. Current moderators: Nibz | XPFMember | badrobot14 | PlanetMaster Past moderators: AnGeL.Of.DaRkNeSs | CaptainDanger |...
  4. PlanetMaster

    CAIE Resource Guide - 1234_S18_QP_12!?

    So you don't understand how to find past papers, marking schemes etc for your subject? Don't worry. Its actually pretty straightforward. Lets take this crazy looking filename for e.g.: 9709_S18_QP_12!? 9709: This is the subject code for e.g. 0610 is IGCSE Biology, 5090 is for O-Level Biology...
  5. PlanetMaster

    CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session discussion

    CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session is starting soon, join the others who are too.. Feel free to share any useful study threads, revision material or just post how you are feeling! This is the thread to post anything to do with your CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session, so feel free to moan, panic, or scream into...
  6. PlanetMaster

    Online fee-paying libraries tackle textbook inflation

    When Belgium-born Gauthier Van Malderen was doing his masters in entrepreneurship at the Judge Institute in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, he found he was paying more than £300 (US$368) per term for textbooks and saw a business opportunity to launch a digital alternative to having to buy key...
  7. PlanetMaster

    Book donations – Boosting the capacities of academic libraries

    A number of book donation organisations around the world are helping to address the shortage in African university libraries of books, needed to give African students a chance at optimal learning. One of them is United Kingdom-based charity Book Aid International (BAI), which supports a range...
  8. PlanetMaster

    Harry Potter books removed from school library because they contain 'real' curses and spells

    Harry Potter is dangerous? The beloved book series by author J.K. Rowling about a young wizard and his friends has been taken off library shelves at St. Edward Catholic School in Nashville because the school's pastor believes the books' magical spells are real. According to Independent, the...
  9. PlanetMaster

    CIE Oct/Nov 2018, Edexcel, OCR, IB, SAT, TOEFL resources updated

    CIE Oct/Nov 2018 session papers, marking schemes and other resources have been updated in our papers section. Furthermore, we have also updated resources for Edexcel, OCR, IB, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and more. Click here to check em out. Good luck with your exams.
  10. PlanetMaster

    CIE May/June 2018 resources updated

    CIE May/June 2018 session papers, marking schemes and other resources have been updated in our papers section. Click here to view them. Good luck with your exams.
  11. PlanetMaster

    CIE May/June 2015 resources updated.

    Hello folks, The papers section has been updated with the latest CIE May/June 2015 resources for most of the subjects. Happy paper solving. Regards, PlanetMaster
  12. PlanetMaster

    Papers section is back

    Hello folks, The papers section is now fixed and most of the subjects have been updated with resources up to the October/November 2014 session. We lost a server recently and everything had to be rebuilt from scratch, thus the long delay. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. I...
  13. PlanetMaster

    XtremePapers Contest 2012-2013 Winners (Finally!)

    Greetings, Keeping my promise (the last one!), here are the winners of the XtremePapers Contest 2012-2013 announced in 2014 :D: Congratulations to all the winners! (y) Winners will soon receive a message with further information. Members, please join me in congratulating them. Warm...
  14. PlanetMaster

    PlanetMaster is back..

    Greetings everybody, Let's start with an apology for the long delay in pretty much everything.. I'll very soon update the site, the download section and the community but first thing first I'll publish the results for the contest before the new year starts.. I know its been really long but...
  15. PlanetMaster

    XtremePapers is back online now!

    Our papers section was offline since a couple of hours due to a hardware failure in one of our servers. The server has been restored to its fully functional state now and the papers section is back online now. :) Apologies for the inconvenience!
  16. PlanetMaster

    Oct/Nov 2012 resources are now available to download

    Oct/Nov 2012 resources are now available to download in our download section. Furthermore, all missing examiner reports from May/June 2012 session have been updated.
  17. PlanetMaster

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays — And Thank You — From XtremePapers
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    CIE May/June 2012 resources uploaded

    If anyone is still interested, May/June 2012 resources for ALL subjects have now been uploaded under CIE. You can head over to our download section to grab them.
  19. PlanetMaster

    Scheduled Maintenance has Concluded

    Greetings everyone, I am extremely happy to announce that our scheduled maintenance has concluded. :) After a constant 24hrs, fighting with the bombardment of the never-ending issues, the community is stable again. My special thanks to badrobot14 for his ... :p As of this moment, you can...
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    Scheduled Maintenance

    XtremePapers Community will be brought down tomorrow evening between 10pm-6am GMT for scheduled maintenance. The outage can take up to 72hrs but we speculate it to be under 2-3hrs. We will update the notice with new information as we have it. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If...