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  1. Suchal Riaz

    Physics Application Short Question complilation for last minute revision click the link above to download
  2. Suchal Riaz

    Easily Typing Mathematics Equations

    Fellows I want to suggest a simple tool called MathJax to be implemented on xtremepapers which will allow us to write equations very easily. to type an equation all you need to do it to write mathematical equation between two dollar signs like $$x^2=0$$ which will be rendered as to write plus...
  3. Suchal Riaz

    Course Book End-of-chapter answers(Physics)

    These are ANSWERS TO END OF CHAPTER AND EXAM STYLE QUESTION in Cambridge International As and A level Physics Coursebook. These answers were found else where on this forum but the person attached each file separately which made it very tiresome to download all files. I downloaded all files and...
  4. Suchal Riaz

    IBCC equivalence certificate form?

    What do i put in here? It is about O level and CIE.
  5. Suchal Riaz

    A Thread to Fight(till death)

    Here we will fight with each other but not seriously. like mocking each other. On this thread these things are not allowed: -abusing -racism -words which are considered bad. THE INTENTION IS TO HAVE FUN. PLEASE DON'T MIND ANYTHING. AND DON'T GO OUT OF LIMITS. here we will fight in a friendly...
  6. Suchal Riaz

    Practical | GUIDE BOOK(free Download) | POST YOUR DOUBTS HERE.

    Physics Booklet: Advanced Practical Skills: Physics Download on mobile? click here instead any queries about the theory should go to the doubts thread. I don't expect but i will appreciate the contribution of others. You can help by giving any advices which I will add to my booklet(I can give...
  7. Suchal Riaz

    SOLVED HARDEST questions for QUICK last day REVISION

    PLAN IS TO CREATE LIST OF QUESTIONS FOR QUICK REVISION A REQUEST: As we guys are preparing for the exams and we solve papers, we encounter some tricky questions which either fool us or could fool someone else. If we just capture a photo of the slightly more detailed worked solutions of such...
  8. Suchal Riaz

    Further Mathematics: Doubts, Questions, Tips and resources.

    Well I will like to see all the F.math students united on this thread so we all can help each others as brothers/sisters. I pray we all get good grades. Please tag all of your friends who are doing f.math and invite your other friends to XPC. Please post any notes on a new thread and P.M me I...
  9. Suchal Riaz

    Cambridge Computing A/As level Course-Book (ebook in pdf)

    Download Link. By clicking here I agree that I am using it as a preview only. this file exceed the size-limit of XPC therefore i had to upload it on some other file-sharing site. IMPORTANT NOTE: I recommend you to support the author by buying the original book. No copyright infringement...
  10. Suchal Riaz

    Further Mathematics: Urgently Information Needed

    I would be thankful to you if you tell me do i have to give papers(1 and 2) for Further Mathematics in A2(Second year of A level) but not in As/A1(first year of A level)? I am having four subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer. I got 8 A*s including Additional mathematics in O...
  11. Suchal Riaz

    A/AS level computing is required for UK universities?

    Quite self explanatory question. Can i drop my computer studies from my combination of Computing, Chemistry, Physics, Math? i have to do computer course from UK university.
  12. Suchal Riaz

    What is SAT and when,where,why I need it :(

    kindly answer me. btw i have to go to UK for university education so please guide me keeping that in mind.
  13. Suchal Riaz

    A Level COMPULSORY General Paper ???

    I had to take physics, math, computer, chemistry but now suddenly i found out that there is a compulsory mysterious subject named general paper which i must give. I opened the past papers and it looked very difficult. Tell me some details about it and how can i prepare for it. As I live in...
  14. Suchal Riaz

    Computer Studies Notes + Tips + Queries

    I will request everyone to please stick to this thread for posting queries, notes and tips or anything u want for this Computer paper :) all the collection of upcoming paper from sir Navid Saqib and sir tanvirik is uploaded to save time. i request Sir Navid and Sir Tanvir to please respond to...
  15. Suchal Riaz


    events just before partition (1940s) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Languages Was Lucknow pact most important ways for seeking solutions from british from 1909-1919(almost) prepare them if u want. i dont want to discuss it.
  16. Suchal Riaz


    I will try to put everything i have learned from doing past papers into nutshell. Frequently examined question: theory suggests that resistance should be 10 ohm but in experiment value is 12. Given that experiment had no errors, does this experiment support theory?Experiment supports theory...
  17. Suchal Riaz


    Please post the hardest questions u have come across so that everybody gets a chance to learn those hard things. Maybe that hard question will be part of upcoming paper and ur post can make other people aware of anything that they might not know(or atleast never realised) Please post even if u...
  18. Suchal Riaz

    Guess Paper/ Exams Tips (SCIENCES, ENGLISH AND MATHS ONLY!!)

    All the guess paper threads are full of pst, urdu and islamiat etc. It's a request that please talk about CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, MATHS, ADDITIONAL MATHS, BIOLOGY, COMPUTER, ENGLISH ONLY. Please talk about any tips u have for papers, ask any doubts u have for papers and if anybody thinks something...
  19. Suchal Riaz

    Upcoming Computer ATC Scenario?

    i don't know about it. please let me know if it has been released.
  20. Suchal Riaz

    Computer ATC Upcoming Case Study

    My teacher told me that CIE tell us about which kind of system will be there in case study. my teacher has left the city and i m doing it without any one's help. so i don't know anything. please tell me if there are some news. I don't know anything. i m just reading book and doing past papers...