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    Suggestions for Alternative Course

    Hey Mohune, Where are you living? Are you looking for a university in your country? Willing to study online? Naderoshka,
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    IGCSE alternative to practical paper 6

    Hey Rasco, Which level??? OL? Which subject?
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    help please

    Hey SSXXSS, I have a friend who had this. Does that help? Waiting to see if that is what you need. Good luck. Sorry I just joined the hub Naderoshka..
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    New member!

    Hey guys, My name is Nader. I am from Egypt. Currently, I am studying Computer science at university of the people. I was at an American high school in Egypt. Therefore, SAT test was a MUST. I struggled in the beginning and people helped me a lot to improve my SAT scores. I am here to help...