How to Get a Complete Smile Design Treatment.

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Smile design in Dubai is basically the process of enhancing the overall appearance of various cosmetic dentistry procedures such as composite bonding, dental implants, teeth whitening and dental veneers. In the case of cosmetic dental treatment, one should be aware that this is a complete reconstruction of the mouth for aesthetic and functional reasons.

A smile makeover treatment takes into account different areas of the face, such as skin color, hair color, tooth color, length and width of teeth, and the exact representation of teeth. . This is a personalized treatment, you must ensure that the treatment is purchased from a professional dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Smile makeover is an art only professionals excel at

It is a fact that not all dentists would be able to provide patients with professional and quality treatment. This is the only parameter that makes choosing a dentist important from the price point of view. A common mistake most people make when looking for a dentist who can perform quality cosmetic dental work is that they think their smile will be easily designed by their regular dentist. Not all doctors excel in smile design as they must have a specialization in cosmetic dentistry to give their patients a full smile.

Smile theme treatment options

There are many options that dentists can offer their patients.

Teeth Whitening:-
Teeth whitening is an essential part of the Smile Design treatment. The color of the teeth is lightened and tension in the patient's discolored teeth is removed.

Porcelain Veneers/Crowns: This is one of the common processes that are usually followed to create patients' smiles. A small amount of hard tooth substance is removed from the teeth and then porcelain veneers are bonded to the teeth. They also help beautify and align teeth.

It is one of those techniques that dominates the overall cost of smile design treatment. In this case, invisible braces are used to straighten the shape of the teeth.

It depends on the condition of the patient's teeth whether some or all of the above treatments are included in the Smile Design treatment.

Cost of quality and professional smile design

It is a fact that cosmetic dentistry in Dubai is quite expensive compared to general dentistry. There is no fixed price for this smile design treatment as the steps basically depend on the color and shape of the tooth as they make the smile more beautiful.