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    get lost burger
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    does my subject selection look good?

    also need some counselling for subject selection for a levels. Suggestions welcome I have taken bio physics chem and world history for o levels. but i am interested in humanities, law, philosophy, political science, and sociology. also sciences like archaelogy, researching, animals, plants and...
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    Elective subject

    Is world history (modern affairs option B) a good choice for an elective for o levels? Is it hard and beneficial for A levels? Let me know if sociology looks okay too. Currently taking bio phys chem.
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    O level Islamiyat

    Looks good!
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    O level Islamiyat

    Thanks for the reply :) like you can discuss this with your school and they'll prolly let you leave the sub. I am a private student btw. I think I have freedom in what subjects I want to opt for. Also Islamiat is a compulsory subject and not attempting it would cause a lot of problems later...
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    O level Islamiyat

    Hey guys. Can I opt out for O level Islamiyat concerning the fact that I am a non muslim? That subject is wayyy too hard for me. Thanks!