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Top 10 exam tips
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Exams are inevitable for students, but they don't have to be painful. These tips can help you get ready for and get through your exams.
They can also help you prepare for tests and class presentations, and tackle in-class assignments.

1. Find out about the exam

Know your enemy – find out as much as you can about the exam. Questions to ask include:
  • How much is the exam worth to your overall mark in the subject?
  • What type of exam is it (for example...
The Art of Focus: Boosting Attention Span
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The human mind can conquer planets, build monuments, heal diseases yet it cannot go five minutes without checking that app, perhaps Facebook?

In a study conducted under lab conditions where students were asked to focus on something important, it was found:

"Regardless of age, students were able to stay focused and attend to that important work only for a short period of time — three to five minutes — before most students self-interrupted their studying to switch to another task." (The...
Harry Potter books removed from school library because they contain 'real' curses and spells
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Harry Potter is dangerous? The beloved book series by author J.K. Rowling about a young wizard and his friends has been taken off library shelves at St. Edward Catholic School in Nashville because the school's pastor believes the books' magical spells are real.

According to Independent, the pastor named Reverend Dan Reehill elucidated his decision in an email to the parents of students, declaring that he had consulted with exorcists in the...
Book donations – Boosting the capacities of academic libraries
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A number of book donation organisations around the world are helping to address the shortage in African university libraries of books, needed to give African students a chance at optimal learning.

One of them is United Kingdom-based charity Book Aid International (BAI), which supports a range of higher education institutions – universities, teacher training colleges, nursing colleges, vocational training institutions and polytechnics – through the provision...
Online fee-paying libraries tackle textbook inflation
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When Belgium-born Gauthier Van Malderen was doing his masters in entrepreneurship at the Judge Institute in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, he found he was paying more than £300 (US$368) per term for textbooks and saw a business opportunity to launch a digital alternative to having to buy key academic titles.

Launched in 2016, the Perlego online library for academic textbooks now employs a 32-strong team of international graduates in London and offers students across Europe easy access to...

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