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Education through Movies

Education through Movies


It's common to misunderstand how movies can be used to teach. The majority of parents think that because kids are film addicts, watching movies can only be bad for their education. Because it is considered a leisure activity, using movies to teach is questioned. However, movies can be used for educational purposes and be helpful in different ways.

Ensures Learning is Attractive

When movies are used in the classroom, they significantly increase the fun factor of the lessons. Remember that one of our main means of amusement is now watching movies? As a result, they are sure to engage students more when utilized as teaching tools because they perceive class as more of a game than a lesson. The majority of education is typically theoretical. This implies that students must sit through countless lectures intended to clarify various academic subjects. This system has a tendency to become extremely repetitious, which makes this study approach dull. Students find learning to be more fun and interesting when films are introduced into the process.

Convenient for students with autism

For students who have autism, traditional theoretical learning can seem unnecessary and like a boring exercise. As a result, these students are less likely to engage in the educational process since they do not believe it to be sufficiently engaging. The best way to guarantee that students with autism participate in class and learn is to incorporate movies into the curriculum. As adolescents react more to visual signals than to theoretical lectures, this encourages children to participate in and comprehend what is happening. These students benefit from movies because they may learn a lot more from the character's facial expressions, which pique their interest and keep them hooked on the material being taught. Hence, it is yet another justification for adopting movies into the classroom.

Facilitates Societal Understanding

In movies, different characters typically view the plot from different angles and approach particular events in various ways. Children get to experience these situations in action when they watch movies in class, which gives them a fresh outlook on life. They learn that everyone is unique and that there are several strategies for dealing well with a particular issue.

Improves memory performance in students

A teacher might use repetition to strengthen their memory of particular subjects. One strategy a teacher might use to strengthen their memory of particular subjects is repetition. Repeating a subject, though, may be very time-consuming for teachers and occasionally dull for students. Here, a teacher can assign a movie linked to a lesson they have already covered with their students. It will provide kids with the repetition they need to sharpen their memory. In the same manner, to improve at writing essays, a writer must repeatedly practice. Also, pupils can watch the same video multiple times without getting bored.

Dual Coding

Dual coding applies when students read about something and then watch a movie related to what they have read. It is a method that works very well in helping students better understand what they’re being taught. A good example is having students read a book like The Great Gatsby and then exposing them to the film. It will improve their understanding of the text. Furthermore, an educator can take that chance to challenge students to identify the differences between the book and the film. That makes for a good discussion in class.

It is baseless to believe that movies may simply be watched for entertainment. As shown above, when teachers use movies as useful teaching resources, students benefit greatly. Thus, it is important to urge teachers to use them more frequently.
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If I know how to incorporate movies into my classroom knowledge, I find it quite effective. Is there anyone like me after watching the famous detective Conan I have added one to the chemical formula cubes 2048 LOL