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    maths p33 nov 2010

    Hey.. Sorry kinda 10 years late.. :p but why is the answer calculated in this way that (370.84 × 2) - 720?? Did get it.. Someone please help!!
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    Chemistry as level queries

    Hello guys. Let's start a discussion session and help each other out in their individual queries. I want your guys help in a question. -a reaction between chlorine and propane in ultraviolet light produces two isometric monochloropropanes, C3H7Cl, as products. Which information is correct...
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    Chemistry: Post your doubts here!

    So I wanted to ask a question from periodicity... It says in the book that the oxidation number increases across a period because the elements in period 3 till phosphorus use all their electrons in bonding with chlorine. And their oxidation numbers are positive as chlorine has the highest...