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Recent content by sarahkhan

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    Accounts paper 4 (discussion)

    How was it guys?
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    Accounting Paper 12 .... how was it ?

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    Accounting Paper 12 .... how was it ?

    Gt is around 24 mostly right?
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    Accounting Paper 12 .... how was it ?

    Yeah it was okay!
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    maths p32 answers

    Yes, if the threshold is down to 60 for an A :)
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    Hey please email me the paper [email protected] thanks :)

    Hey please email me the paper [email protected] thanks :)
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    maths p32 answers

    How many mark was it out of? the first ques?
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    maths p32 answers

    I did the same ln(x+1)=2 ln(x-1) ln(x+1)= ln[(x-1)^2] (x+1)= (x-1)^2 but i was getting x as 7 or -6 not 2.3, what did i do wrong?
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    Math 32....how was it? :/

    somebody post answeeeeeeeeeeerrrs!
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    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    when can we discuss the answers?
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    Add math

    permutation needs to be applied where arrangements are to be made.. combinations are applied when selections are to be done see.. wen in a race.. it is going to be important to know who came first and second third and so on.. u need to arrange the candidates. therefre permutations are applied...