1. Spiceangel

    A- levels paper 4 AICT

    hey, does anyone know how to create an option label in access to open the reports created, i have made 4 different queries and reports based on the question, i also made the option box, but i dont know how to link the reports to the options. so that on one click i can open the report based on...
  2. Rizwan Javed

    October/November 2015 Past Papers are finally here!

    Hello guys, I know most of the people are looking for October/November 2015 Past Papers. So here are the past papers for O, A & IGCSE Levels for some subjects. If any subject you want is missing please do inform me. :) Also inform me, if there's some paper missing. :) So here you go: A...
  3. N

    May 2015 Grade Boundaries

    Hi! Does anyone have the IBDP May 2015 Grade Boundaries? If so please most them here. Thanks!

    Discuss CIE October November 2015 Here

    Hello all! Who else is one o'those who's appearing atm for the Oct-Nov 2015 papers? What are your subjects? My subjects are: English (0500) ICT (0417) Mathematics (0580) Chemistry (0620) Physics (0625) Biology (0610) Business Studies (0450) What am I gonna do? I have no idea..........either ;)
  5. A

    french 0520 | oct/nov 2015 | speaking role card

    hello guys , I'm having my speaking exam next week as my second language , so anyone has the role cards may share it with us . and anyone has ideas on how to improve my speaking skill in french . I will be thankful .
  6. Rizwan Javed

    CIE May/June 2015 Papers + MarkSchemes + GTs + examiner reports are finally here :)

    Okay guys, the wait is finally over. The CIE MJ 2015 papers are finally here :D Most of the papers have been uploaded. The rest will be uploaded soon! EDIT: IGCSE papers have also been added :) A Levels: Accounting (9706) Applied Information and Communication Technology (9713) Biology (9700)...