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    9626 IT AS Level

    Hi, does anyone know if excel or access is in May/June 2019 April 24 exam? I want to know which i should focus on. Also if anyone has a formula sheet for excel and notes on normalization and could link it here, it would be great. Please link notes of paper 1 theory and paper 2 practical too.
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    ICT 9626 : Video editing-Transitions cause problems...

    Whenever I try to add transitions to my clips using movie maker, the clips length is disturbed...The captions show up in the next clip, a little ahead from where I put them and the overall video's length decreases. I was wondering if you could just skip the transitions and follow the rest of...
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    (9626) IT May/June 2018 Paper

    if anyone have any information about the paper 4 exam tomorrow please send at: [email protected] Thank you :)
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    9626 March 2018 Paper 4

    Did anyone do the March 2018 Paper 4 for 9626? If so, can I know what came in the exam?
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    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 9626 (november)

    I did last exam, but I need to repeat it . Are there some news about it? Dates are in October. I hope that it will be easier.
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    CIE 9626 Information Technology Paper 2

    Did anyone do this exam and if so how was it?