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    9700 Biology P4 (42) 2018 9th May Discussion

    Guys feel free to discuss the paper. Also, drop some of your answers here so others can compare Thanks! Do mention what y’all wrote for the mice study and which essay y’all did.
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    BIOLOGY A2 Paper 52 - May 3rd 2017

    How did you guys find this paper? What were your general answers for all the three questions? I found it quite different to question styles from pastpapers. Especially that hardy weinberg never came up
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    CIE coursebook for A2 Biology (4th edition for the 2016 syllabus)

    Salam/Hey! (Ah it has been such a long time since I made a thread. :p) I think that there are people who are in need of this book: Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology (fourth edition) I needed the A2 section of it .So here I am sharing the pictures of the A2 topics.I hope they...