1. Mehadi Hassan

    Information and Communication Technology 0417/31

    I just wanted to get the making scheme for Information and communication technology 0417/31 February/March 2018. I have look up for this paper in papa cambridge but I could not find it.
  2. krishnapatelzz

    All A-levels resources !!!!! everything that u need before exams

    watch the video how u get all resources for freee {video is loading below }
  3. L

    Does anyone have he Supporting files AICT PAPER4!

    i have an exam in a few hours! does anyone have thesuppoing files?if yes please send them [email protected] thanks in advance
  4. Shin lol

    AICT P4 source files and any information

    Does anyone have the sourcefile and any information about p4? drop your whatsapp no here or private message me we can discuss in the group. Thanks
  5. Shin lol

    Guys Anyone got the source files of AICT P2 or P4?

    If yes Private message me and i have a group and around 30 people in the group so we can work on it if we get the files.
  6. Shin lol

    A level AICT practicals and other A level subjects Whatsapp Group

    Hey ppl, we already have a whatsapp group for a levels all subjects including for the AICT upcoming exam this month and we have around 10-15 ppl in the group and if you wanna join message me (private message/conversation) your whatsapp number to me and i will add you to the group as soon as...
  7. Mustafa84922

    Applied ICT 2017 Paper 2&4!! Post Your doubts!!

    Hello everyone! I created this thread so all of us giving the AICT papers in the upcoming session can help each other out in achieving better grades! Feel free to post any of your doubts regarding the AICT paper here, I will be happy to help if I can!
  8. Shin lol

    Help Aict notes for A and as level

    Please guys needs notes for a and as level due to i am doing my as level aict in oct/nov for better grades please share your notes......
  9. Shin lol

    A level AICT ebook download

    I am not able to get the aict ebook and physics 2nd edition Please comment the link to book Will be very useful for me......................
  10. Spiceangel

    Aict Doubt

    does anyone know how to apply a page border of the size that is not given in the range, example: i need a page border of 4 pt but the only option i have is 4 1/2 pt, so how do i get the size i require?
  11. A

    9713 AICT P2+P4

    is everyone taking the p2 on the 21st of march and the p4 on the 23rd of march? isnt there anyone taking it earlier or something?
  12. Spiceangel

    A- levels paper 4 AICT

    hey, does anyone know how to create an option label in access to open the reports created, i have made 4 different queries and reports based on the question, i also made the option box, but i dont know how to link the reports to the options. so that on one click i can open the report based on...
  13. zeryab ali

    How was AS oct/nov AICT paper 2? expected threshold ??

    how did your paper 2 and 1 went??