1. Romy Adel

    Paper 1 doubt As biology

    Why 6 can't be B
  2. Romy Adel

    Paper 1 doubts as biology November 2019

    A mutation occurs in a gene which prevents the production of telomerase. What is the effect of this mutation if it occurs in bone marrow stem cells? A a rapid increase in the production of lymphocytes B a tumor grows in the bone marrow C bone marrow stem cells eventually no longer divide D...
  3. Romy Adel

    Paper 1 doubt As biology

    Which metabolic processes would be very active in a cell that has just completed cytokinesis 1 ATP formation 2 DNA replication 3 protein synthesis A 1,2, and 3 B 1 and 3 only C 2 only D 3 only Why is the answer B
  4. Romy Adel

    Paper 1 biology as mcq

    I guess A and D are both correct. Can I know the answer and explanation for the difference between choosing A and D
  5. Romy Adel

    Bio Paper 1 doubt

    w what is the answer for question 28 and 27
  6. L

    AS BIOLOGY 9700 PAPER 22

    anyone have feb march 2019 paper 2 with the marking scheme