1. Dragon Emperor 1

    I need help to decide how to prepare for bio atp

    Well I want to improve my biology ATP and i need to prepare it but can't do that as I am using biology book of lam kiwan. So tell me should I use ATP notes of Muhammad shah or solve ATP workbook. The notes and workbook are from read and write publication. So kindly anyone of you has used either...
  2. S

    Cie feb march 2019 A level

    Hi guys! New member here. Has anyone else been doing the current feb/march 2019 session for A levels, CIE? I take mathematics, english, physics, chemistry, and biology, so I just wanted to know how other people found the papers we've had so far in these subjects? thanks!:)
  3. M

    IGCSE Biology O/N/2017 Paper 62. Easy or Hard??

    I did my IGCSE Resit of Biology Paper 62 O/N 2017 and quite frankly i found it very difficult. If anyone else has done it, please share your thoughts and experience. Thank You.
  4. S

    IGCSE biology May June 42

    Has anyone here given the 42 variant for Bio theory today?? Please do tell the imp questions if you have
  5. Nicole Serman


    I'm in desperate need of help from you guys. My computer's hard disc has suddenly shutdown and all my biology past papers are GONE!! I want to revise biology by solving the past papers AGAIN !! Only few days are left for my Exams!! Please please please HELP ME OUT by giving me websites of past...