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    As level Bio I need Help

    Please help me i try my best.
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    Alevel biology doubts

    this thread is particularly for Alevel biology discussions .
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    Resitting individual component

    hello guys? I sat in AS Bio exam in May/June session and got C. And I found out my component scores and realized that the score of paper 1 negatively impacted my overall score and lowered it. I asked my teacher if it is possible to retake only individual component which is paper 1, and he said...
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    A level Biology 9700 S17 P43 doubt

    Hello! I'm really confused about this paper's mark scheme. Someone help me please? :) What I dont understand is, how come the textbook says hydrolysis of ATP is for myosin head to detach from the exposed sites on actin, whereas for mark scheme, it says the hydrolysis of ATP allows myosin to...