computing 9691

  1. N

    Computing 9691 Question

    Hello guys, I am about to give in my A level exams for Computing this upcoming May/june. I have a couple questions about paper 4. Are we allowed to use pictures from google? I want a few pictures etc...Is it necessary for a bibliography etc... No part of the code should be copied right? Thanks...
  2. Tony Nicholas Gomez

    Anyone who gave computing 9691 paper 22?

    How did the question go for you guys? I couldn't do the pseudocode for file handling,.... your thoughts on the paper.
  3. subaz sarma

    Computing 9691

    Guys, what is this thing about computing 9691 being replaced by computer science 9608? Please explain it to me. I am appearing for my AS Level computing this October/November series and will appear the A Levels in May/June series of 2016. Will I be able to appear exam as i said? or not? please...