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guess paper

  1. Addie Zak

    O Level Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Guess paper 2023

    By dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Expected Topics for May 2023 Islamiyat P1 Q2: Compound question on Theme2; also prepare Themes 1 & 3 Four sources of legal thinking, especially primary sources in relation with Qiyas General reading of “ History of revelation “ Q3/4/5: Qualities of the Prophet Early life...
  2. salmanarchitect

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers.

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers of famous teachers so that everyone can benefit. Thanks
  3. P

    A Level guess papers M/J 2018

    Hey guys this is my first post. Post any guess papers/expected questions here. :)
  4. jazy21

    Islamiyat, Pak Studies Guess Papers by Sir Iftikhar Sir Omar Khan

    Can anybody help me on this? I needed guess papers issued by Sir Iftikhar and other popular teachers across Pakistan.