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history 2059

  1. Addie Zak

    O Level Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Guess paper 2023

    By dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Expected Topics for May 2023 Islamiyat P1 Q2: Compound question on Theme2; also prepare Themes 1 & 3 Four sources of legal thinking, especially primary sources in relation with Qiyas General reading of “ History of revelation “ Q3/4/5: Qualities of the Prophet Early life...
  2. salmanarchitect

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers.

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers of famous teachers so that everyone can benefit. Thanks
  3. kimnamjoon


    What chapters in Geography (pst 2) are the most important for 2023's OLEVEL session? And the same question for history?
  4. olevel_prep

    olevel p.s and isl 23

    how to get A* in p.s and isl and how difficult is it to get it
  5. jeonjaykay

    HISTORY 2059

    Hello people, I'm gonna appear for my caies this oct/nov series so please help me regarding 10/14 marks question The confusion I have is how many reasons should be given in 10/14 marks q , I tried searching but got different answers . I wanna stick to one format SO I'LL BE GRATEFUL TO U IF U...