igcse grades

  1. IGCSE_Girl

    Help with IGCSE MATHS !!!

    OKAY. THE THING IS I DONT LIKE MATHS SO MUCH ... So I just want to pass math and an E would be good for me as long as it not a U or a fail because I dont want to give a retake, I'll be giving the paper this May/June and to be honest, I actually havent really started studying maths much so guys I...
  2. kareem22010

    Help needed in igcse and A-level grades for university

    Right now, I am trying to plan for the worst case scenario for my grades . I am currently interested into studying in medical college to pursue my dreams in working in genetic engineering but my university( in egypt) is requiring 8A* in OL AND 1A* in AL for admission and any single subject...