1. A

    A-Level admission

    Hi! I wanted to ask that whats the best reasonable college for doing A-levels between Whales, Cordoba, Bahria etc. Please suggest me a school which is relatively easy on the pocket and has low admission and monthly fees. Also should I take early admission and when do they start?
  2. J

    What are the top A level's colleges in Karachi?

    I saw another post like this over here, but that is pretty out-dated, and the ranking might've changed, teachers might've changed, so I need help. Can you guys please tell me which colleges are the best for A levels rankwise?
  3. Adeelissoscrewed

    Centre for practicals for private canditates in karachi

    Hey, i am planning to appear for Alevel practicals for physics chemistry and biology in May/June 2017. I cant find any centers that could host practicals for private candidates in Karachi. If someone is aware of any such centers, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
  4. A


    hello, can anyone here help me with a bit of this mess? I have been looking up about the law universities in Karachi, and absolutely no uni other than SZABIST has bothered to give the admission dates and deadlines stuff, does anybody here know about this? thanks a lot
  5. Usman Warraich

    Karachi distinctions list?

    Can someone kindly post the Karachi distinctions list for CIE Session 2015? I can't find it anywhere. Thank you
  6. Cutilixious Alizeh

    Best A level schools in Karachi

    I need helpp!! Dont knw which school to go for.... pls tell me frm ur experience which school is best in terms of studies in science nd activities. ..nd how the management iz wid school environment,,, what there requirements are nd how many subject they take on. Also tell me how much fees they...