1. C

    Help pls :(

    Will I get the 8 subject certificate if i choose pure science (Phys , Chm and Bio) + Combined Science i am currently taking physics , chemistry , bio , maths , EM , english , ICT If i take combined science will i get 8 sub certificate...
  2. A

    I need your suggestions .

    I did 'O' LEVEL i got `c` in maths , `d` in Accounting , `F` in business , `F` in English and `A` in kiswahili language That was in 2014 . In 2015 i did AS level Accounting, business and economics i got U U E , on october/nov i reset business and Accounts and i couldn't do good U U again ...
  3. Sugar_Hugs

    Rantings Of A Beautiful Mind

    Have a deep thought Found Something that moved u ? Life Lessons Love Expreicences Deep Cuts Heart Breaks Moving on LIFE PAIN HAPPINESS JOY etc anything goes as long its long and has a deep meaning to it Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is...