paper 3

  1. PhantomFlash

    Accounting Paper 3

    Was it just me or was the Accounting Paper 3 actually very critical?
  2. B

    How was Biology Practical 34?

    I personally found it quite hard compared to previous years. How did you guys do?
  3. G

    IGCSE German Foreign Language 0525/03 Speaking Exam

    Although there are a total of 9 Role Play Cards, only 6 different Role Plays are created; A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, & B3. Each candidate receives 2 different combinations of these 6, an A & a B. Many don’t know this, but Cambridge always follows a pattern with these Role Plays. Attached is an image...
  4. Akshajistari

    Salt/Qualitative Analysis for P3 Chemistry

    Hey guys So I was wondering if anyone had any good tips and tricks to use for the last question in Paper 3 for CIE A level Chemistry... Our school hasn't given us that much practice on it, and I am very nervous about it because it will definitely appear in the exam :(:sick::unsure: Help would...