1. K

    Pure Math 3 (9709) Past Paper Collection

    I have put all past papers into a pdf file but I cannot upload the whole file. Please clicked the attached file and click google drive - download in 2nd page. You will receive the full file. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.
  2. Shin lol

    A level Pure math ( Paper 2 ) solved papers.

    Hey Guys and Girls, i am here again because i really need your help Where can i find pure math (Paper 2) solved papers like we get for p1 and p3 It would really be helpful if i get the solved P2 past paper Thank youo_Oo_Oo_O:D:D:D
  3. Sean Tan

    How was 9709 Paper 1? All variants! (Oct/Nov)

    My variant was 13 I found it moderately hard. Especially the circular measure and the progression question. It's a new approach compared to the recent past years. The binomial expansion question was easy but lengthy The circular measure question was very tricky! The first part of the vector...